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Dr. Enrico Giannini

Enrico Giannini obtained his BSc and MSc in physics at the University of Genoa in Italy. After a three-year professional experience in technology transfer between the INFM-Genoa and the ENI Research Centre in Venice, he moved to the University of Geneva to pursue a PhD thesis in the field of high-Tc superconducting materials for technological applications. He performed his PhD research under the supervision of Prof. René Flükiger. His studies on the chemical phase diagrams and formation mechanisms of cuprate superconductors laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of crystal growth of complex oxides.

During his three-year post-doctoral activity as a scientist (Maître Assistant) in this field, Enrico Giannini achieved especially notable success in the area of crystal growth of the BiSCCO superconductors. In 2005, he was appointed to a permanent senior scientist position (Maître d’Enseignement et de Recherche) at the DQMP of the University of Geneva. Here he built up a versatile crystal growth facility in which a variety of highly specialized growth techniques are available. These facilities allow for a broad range of materials to be grown in crystalline form, from cuprate superconductors grown in optical furnaces, to transition metal silicides grown by Czochralski pulling from levitating melt, from transition metal chalcogenides and halides grown by the chemical vapor transport to topological materials grown under GPa pressure. The expertise of Dr. Giannini covers a broad range of quantum materials. Since 2017, he has been a board member of the Swiss Society of Crystallography (SGK), and a Swiss delegate and councilor at the European Network for Crystal Growth (ENCG) and the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG).


Controlling the Magnetic Properties of the van der Waals Multiferroic Crystals Co1–xNixI2
Anastasiia Lukovkina, Sara Almudena Lopez Paz, Céline Besnard, Laure Guenee, Fabian von Rohr and Enrico Giannini

Chemistry of materials 36 12, 6237-6245 (2024)

The structurally related compounds NiI2 and CoI2 are multiferroic van der Waals materials in which helimagnetic orders exist simultaneously with electric polarization. Here, we report on the evolution of the crystal structure and of the magnetic properties across solid…

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Controlling Magnetism with Light in a Zero Orbital Angular Momentum Antiferromagnet
Mattias Matthiesen, Jorrit R. Hortensius, Samuel Mañas-Valero, Itzik Kapon, Dumitru Dumcenco, Enrico Giannini, Makars Šiškins, Boris A. Ivanov, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Eugenio Coronado, Alexey Kuzmenko, Dmytro Afanasiev and Andrea Caviglia

Physical review letters 130 7, 076702 (2023)

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Multiple antiferromagnetic phases and magnetic anisotropy in exfoliated CrBr3 multilayers
Fengrui Yao, Volodymyr Multian, Zhe Wang, Nicolas Ubrig, Jérémie Teyssier, Fan Wu, Enrico Giannini, Marco Gibertini, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama and Alberto Morpurgo

Nature communications 14 1, 4969 (2023)

In twisted two-dimensional (2D) magnets, the stacking dependence of the magnetic exchange interaction can lead to regions of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interlayer order, separated by non-collinear, skyrmion-like spin textures. Recent experimental searches for these textures have focused on …

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Isotope tuning of the superconducting dome of strontium titanate
Willem Rischau, Dorota Pulmannova, Gernot Scheerer, Adrien Stucky, Enrico Giannini and Dirk Van Der Marel

Physical Review Research 4 1, 013019 (2022)

Doped strontium titanate SrTiO3 (STO) is one of the most dilute superconductors known today. The fact that superconductivity occurs at very low carrier concentrations is one of the two reasons that the pairing mechanism is not yet understood, the other being the role played by the proximity to a…

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Probing Magnetism in Exfoliated VI3 Layers with Magnetotransport
David Soler Delgado, Fengrui Yao, Dumitru Dumcenco, Enrico Giannini, Jiaruo Li, Connor A. Occhialini, Riccardo Comin, Nicolas Ubrig and Alberto Morpurgo

Nano letters, 2c01361 (2022)

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Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Study of Electron-Exciton Coupling in High-Tc Cuprates
Francesco Barantani, Michaël Tran, I. Madan, Itzik Kapon, Nimrod Bachar, T. c. Asmara, E. Paris, Y. Tseng, W. Zhang, Y. Hu, Enrico Giannini, G. Gu, T. p. Devereaux, Christophe Berthod, F. Carbone, T. Schmitt and Dirk Van Der Marel

Physical review. X 12 2, 021068 (2022)

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Unconventional superconductivity, phase transitions and new polymorphs in the Sr-Ti-O system
Dorota Pulmannova

Thèse (2022)

Strontium titanate is a cubic perovskite, which is insulating in its pristine state but becomes metallic upon electron doping. It is one of the most dilute superconductors and the pairing mechanism is unknown. In addition, SrTiO3 is a quantum paraelectric, in which zero-point…

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Band Gap Opening in Bilayer Graphene-CrCl3/CrBr3/CrI3 van der Waals Interfaces
Giulia Tenasini, David Soler Delgado, Zhe Wang, Fengrui Yao, Dumitru Dumcenco, Enrico Giannini, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Christian Moulsdale, Aitor Garcia-Ruiz, Vladimir I. Fal’ko, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama and Alberto Morpurgo

Nano letters 22 16, 6760-6766 (2022)

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Crystal growth and structure of a high temperature polymorph of Sr2TiO4 with tetrahedral Ti-coordination, and transition to the Ruddlesden–Popper tetragonal phase
Dorota Pulmannova, Céline Besnard, Petr Bezdička, Marios Hadjimichael, Jérémie Teyssier and Enrico Giannini

CrystEngComm 24 20, 3731-3740 (2022)

We have grown single crystals of a new polymorph of Sr 2 TiO 4 . It contains titanium in an unusual tetrahedral coordination and transforms to the Ruddlesden–Popper structure with an interesting orientational relationship.

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